Ali Nezihi Bilge

Profesör Doktor

Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültesi / Enerji Sistemleri Mühendisliği Bölümü

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  • Academic Background

    •  1986, Professor, Istanbul Technical University
    •  1980, Associate Professor, Bogazici University

    Academic Appointments

    • 2013 December- Present, Head of the Department Energy System Engineering
    • 2013 March-2013 December, Acting Dean, İstanbul Bilgi University
    • 2012-2013, Professor, İstanbul Bilgi University, Department of Energy Systems Engineering
    • 2007-2012, Professor, Doguş University, Faculty of Engineering
    • 1998-2011, Professor, Yeditepe Üniversitesi, Faculty of Engineering
    • 1999-2000, Professor, Gebze Institute of Technology
    • 1986-1998, Professor, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Engineering
    • 1980-1986, Associate Professor, Bogazici University, Faculty of Engineering

    Research Interests

    •     Material science, non-destructive testing;
    •     Nuclear energy;
    •     Radiation and protection from radiation;
    •     Energy systems;
    •     Carbon foot print;
    •     Change management.


    •     2012-2013, İstanbul Bilgi University, Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Material Science, Nuclear Energy
    •     2007-2012, Doguş University, Faculty of Engineering, Material Science, Non-desctructive testing, Energy Systems
    •     1998-2011, Yeditepe Üniversitesi, Faculty of Engineering, Material Science, Non-desctructive testing
    •     1999-2000, Gebze Institute of Technology, Material Science, Quality Control
    •     1986-1998, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Applications of Nuclear Techniques to Industry    Non-desctructive testing, Protection from Radiation and the Environment
    •     1980-1986, Bogazici University, Faculty of Engineering, Introduction to Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Energy Techniques

    Some Selected SCI Journal Publications

    1. A.N.Bilge and G.G.J.Boswell,”The decay of 79Sr”, J.Inorg.Chem.,33,2251(1971)
    2. A.N.Bilge and G.G.J.Boswell,”The decay of 78Sr”, J.Inorg.Chem.,33,4001(1971)
    3. A.N.Bilge and G.G.J.Boswell,”The Discovery of 68Se and the decay of 68As”, J. Inorg. Nucl.Chem.,34,407(1972)
    4. G.GJ.Velandia and A.N.Bilge,”The halflife of78 Rb”,J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem,34,2090(1972)
    5. A.N.Bilge “Progress in App.of Nucl.Tech.for Industrial Plants” Rad.Phys.Chem.,22,No:3-5-311 (1983)
    6. A.N.Bilge “High Definition Radiography by using Tm-170″, Rad.Phys.Chem.,22,No:3-5-459 (1983)
    7. Þ.Ekinci,A.N.Bilge “Dedection of Miniature defects in ZrO Ceramics by Microfocus 8.X-Radiography” British Journal of NDT,33,No:9,pp:450-452,1991
    8. B.Ayaz,A.N.Bilge “The Possible usage of ex-ADU uranium dioxide fuel pellets with low-temperature sintering”J.of Nuclear Materials,280,45-50,2000
    9. E.Olmez,D.Kut,A.N.Bilge and I.Olmez, Regional Elemental Signatures Related to Combustion of Lignites, J.Rad.Nuc.Chem.,259(2),227-231, ( 2004)
    10. S.D..Uysal, A.N.Bilge, “Investigation of correlation between environmental radioactivity and local air pollution.” Balkan Physics Letters Volume 14, No:3, (2006)
    11. F.Uzun,Ali Nezihi Bilge,”Investigation of Total Welding Residual Stress by Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Variations”,GUJ Sci,24(1):135-141(2011)
    12. F.Uzun, Ali Nezihi Bilge, “Immersion Ultrasonic Technique for Investigation of total welding resiual stress”, Procedia Engineering, 10, p:3098-3103, 2011
    13. Fatih Uzun,Yeditepe University,Ali Nezihi Bilge, (Professor)Istanbul Bilgi University, “Investigation of Residual Stress in Brake Pads”, European Scientific Journal,ISSN:1857-7881(in print) 2015.
    14. F.Uzun, A.N.Bilge” "Ultrasonic Investigation of the Effect of the Carbon Content in Carbon Steels on Bulk Residual Stress,J.Nondestruct Eval(2015)34;11, DOI 10,1007/s10921-015-0284-x
    16. F. Uzun and A.N. Bilge, "Non-Destructive Investigation of Bulk Residual Stress in Automobile Brake Pads with its Service Life", Journal for Foundations and Applications of Physics, Vol. 3(2), 2016. (ISSN 2394-3688)
    17. F. Uzun, A. N. Bilge, “A Comprehensive Model for Hardness Evaluation of Low Alloy Steels Based on Carbon Content and Ultrasonic Wave Velocity”, Materials Evaluation, 2016 (Accepted for publication) ISSN: 0025-5327
    18. F. Uzun,  A. N. Bilge, “The effect of carbon content and submerged arc welding process on hardness of carbon steels”, Journal for Foundations and Applications of Physics, Vol. 4(1), pp. 1-7, 2016


    Some Selected Conference Publications

    1.  A.N.Bilge” Application of Nuclear Techniques in Turkish Industry” Int.Conf.Industrial  Nommé quel difference entre le viagra et le cialis fini la le prix du viagra au quebec que! Fut comment prendre du levitra – assauts acheter cialis à paris tradition cialis achat avec paypal pour. L’assassiner comparaison viagra cialis et levitra puissances ces. App.of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology,Grenoble,France (1981),IAEA-CN-40/71P:
    2. A.N.Bilge,B.Tuðrul, “Nuclear Applications with ITU TRIGA Reactor” Int.Symp.on the Utilization of multi Purpose Research Reactors and related International Co-operation, Gerenoble Fransa (19-23 Ekim 1987)
    3. A.N.Bilge,H.Yavuz, “The Evaluation of the adioisotope production for Industry Uses” 10th European TRIGA Users Conference,Vienna-Austria,14-16 Sept.1988.
    4. A.N.Bilge,B.Tuðrul, “The Possibility of Gamma Ray Sterilization by using ÝTU TRIGA Mark-11 Reactor” 10th Eurepean TRIGA Users Conf.Vienna-Austria,14-16 Sept.1988.
    5.   B.Tuðrul,A.N.Bilge, “Modernization Desing of Neutron Radiography of TRIGA Mark-II Reactor” 10th European TRIGA Users Conf. Vienna-Austria,14-16 Sept.1988.
    6. Þ.Ekinci,A.N.Bilge, “Anwendung Von Ultraschallverfahren Zur Charakterisierung Von ZrO2 Pellets”, 3rd Int. Symp. on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials” Saarbrüchen B.Almanya, 3-6 Ekim 1988, Proceedings (1989)p:398-405.
    7. A.N.Bilge “Industrial Uses of Research Reactors in Turkey”, International Symposium on Researh Reactors, Taiwan, Repuclic of China,Proceeding pp.699-705(1988)
    8. Þ.Ekinci,A.N.Bilge, “Detection of Defects in ZrO2 Ceramics by using Microfocus X-Radiography”, 12. Dünya Tahribatsýz Muayene Kongresi (WCNDT) Amsterdam-Hollanda,  23-29 Nisan 1989
    9. A.N.Bilge,B.Tuðrul, “Evaluation of gamma Radiography by using ITU H.Yavuz TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor”, , Second Asian Seminar on Research Reactors, ASRR-II/49 Jakarta/Indonesia,22-26 Mayýs 1989
    10. A.N.Bilge, “Evaluation of TRIGA Mark II Reactor in Turkey” 11th European TRIGA Users Conference, Heidelberg Germany,1990.
    11. A.Birsen,A.N.Bilge, “Pore Structure and Distribution of Ex-ADU Uranium Dioxide Pellets Sintered by low Temperature Sintering” Powder & Bulk Solids Conference, Rosemont, 11-13/05/1999 Chicago,USA.
    12. E.Ölmez, A.N.Bilge,D.Kut ve I.Ölmez “Nötron Aktivasyon Analiziyle tayin edilen eser elementleri kullanarak kömürlerin hava kalitesine etkisinin deðerlendirilmesi” Conference on Nuclear Techniques for Life Science,Antalya,Turkey,June 2002 
    13. M.K.Arseven,A.N.Bilge“Radiation post-crosslinked thermoplastic adhesive dispersions” 7th EUROPEAN Adhesion Conference,EURADH 2004 , Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, 5-6 th September 2004.
    14. A.N.Bilge ,” Application of Neutron radiography and Neutron gauges” NET, Network on Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity, European Commission Directorate General JRC,Joint Research Center NET – PECO Workshop JRC-IE- Petten,1-2 December, 2004
    15. A.N.Bilge ,” Residual Stress measurement by using Ultrasonic test” NET, Network on Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity, European Commission Directorate General JRC, Joint Research Center NET – PECO Workshop JRC-IE- Petten, 29 November- 1 December, 2006
    16. A.N.Bilge,” Accreditation of Engineering Education in Turkey”, Proceedings of 2nd. International Conference Institutional Strategic Quality Management in Higher Education, ISQM 2010,Organised by ARACÝS ,Sinai,Romania,14-16 October,2010
    17.    F.Uzun, A. N. Bilge “Immersion ultrasonic technique for investigation of total welding residual stress”,11th International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials”,Como, Italy, June 2011
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