Department of English Language Teacher Education

English Language Teacher Education Program

revised: March 19, 2015, 9:26 a.m.

This is a four year undergraduate program which combines English Language Teacher Education theory and principles with solid practical applications in actual classroom settings. The curriculum aims to give students a thorough understanding of English language teaching and learning issues while systematically improving their own language skills. The program includes a variety of courses from fields such as linguistics, comparative literature, psychology, sociology and communications which aim to enrich students’ understanding of the world, the society and the whole person to help them think critically and reflectively and explore their own potential as teachers. They are expected to find their own teaching style to meet the demands of any educational context in which they find themselves after graduation. The program also prepares students for immediate teaching by offering them an opportunity to gain practical experience by observing, team-teaching and working with mentor teachers from BİLGİ English Language Preparatory Program for two semesters. All courses require active participation of the students, involving them in classroom-based research projects, problem-solving tasks and case studies in order to allow them to think through their learning and learn with thought.