Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program

revised: Sept. 11, 2017, 10:59 a.m.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Degree Program presents a four-year education   and learning experience with a broad and comprehensive curriculum that provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to graduate as qualified physical therapists.

In the first year, students take the classes in anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, physics, medical biology and genetics that provide the basic knowledge necessary to provide a solid professional substructure, in addition to courses to prepare them for the practice of the profession such as introduction to physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, courses in basic evaluation, as well as elective courses like physical activity for health and therapeutic creative dance. They will also take a course in English for academic purposes to enable them to develop their English language skills.
During the first semester of the second year, students will develop the substructure of their professional knowledge by studying subjects such subjects such as normal motor development, physiology of exercise, electrotherapy, measurement and evaluation in physiotherapy, manipulation therapy, principles of therapeutic movement, kinesiology and pathological kinesiology, research methods in health sciences and statistics. The second semester consists of a program including principles of pharmacology, principles of radiology, pathology, clinical sciences, therapeutic movements, techniques of manipulation and mobilization and medical biomechanics. In addition, throughout the second semester they will also take courses in evidence-based practices in physiotherapy and the medical English that is necessary in their professional practice. Apart from this, students are presented with a selection of elective courses that will increase their professional knowledge. At the end of the second year, students who have successfully completed their courses will perform a three-week clinical observation internship.
During the third year students will acquire professional knowledge and skills in neurophysiological approaches and orthopedic, neurological, cardiac and pulmonary, rheumatological, pediatric and obstetric rehabilitation.  Elective courses in medical English and evidence-based practices will continue throughout both semesters. Students who successfully complete their third year of study will perform a three-week summer internship.

In the last year of the program will put into practice their professional knowledge under supervision in clinical settings. During this fourth year, students will be expected to prepare a graduation project consisting of a medical project and presentation lessons.  
Students of the BİLGİ School of Health Sciences-Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can take advantage of the Erasmus and “Laureate” network of exchange programs to gain experience abroad. In addition, their participation in the social responsibility projects within the University’s system will provide them with an active learning experience.