Department of Arts and Cultural Management

Management of Performing Arts Program

revised: Sept. 11, 2017, 11:18 a.m.

The Management of Performing Arts BA Program offers a new and innovative course for the professionals and art people of the future who will lead and shape the performance and entertainment industry that has a constantly growing share in the economy of Turkey. The program aims to train the actors and producers of all types of performance that take place in events such as fairs, exhibitions, congresses, meetings, competitions, concerts and festivals, in television and stage productions, in public space or in the virtual sphere.

A comprehensive introduction to the functioning of institutions and initiatives in the fields of theatre, dance, opera, musicals and the performance arts is combined with knowledge and experience of communication to present a wide spectrum of elective courses, from acting in front of the camera to performance art, and from stage technologies to festival and event production in which students can design the development of their interests and abilities.


* The Undergraduate Program in Management of Performing Arts admits students with special aptitude test.