Department of Architecture

Architecture Program

revised: Feb. 26, 2015, 4:22 p.m.

The rapid increase in the global movement towards urbanization has brought with it very serious problems of ecological and social sustainability. Parallel to this, the question “How can we ensure dwelling in peace in the world?” has found a place in the center of humanity’s agenda. For all these reasons, society’s expectations from the profession of architecture have both changed and increased. In the early years of this new era, architecture recalled once again its social responsibilities and the capacity for professional actualization increased incrementally.

The BİLGİ Undergraduate Program in Architecture, developed with these realities in mind, provides its students not only with access to abundant resources in the discipline of architecture, but also with the possibility to explore the rich aggregation of knowledge in the social sciences provided by its neighboring faculties. The new form of the profession of architecture, shaped by the dynamics of the 21st century, has made a firm grounding in the social sciences a prerequisite.