Banking and Finance

revised: Nov. 3, 2017, 11:48 a.m.

Banking and Finance Undergraduate Program is designed to create expert knowledge across the core areas of banking and finance and provides the groundwork required for graduates to be functionally competent in the field of study. The program provides the academic foundation and practical training for those who intend to pursue careers in the banking and financial services sector and are planning to work in this sector.

The program emphasizes the following:
• Development of practical skills and understanding of theory to better position learners to respond to the performance demands of the sector.
• Practice-driven activities and sharing of practical experiences that are linked to the structure and operations of institutions in the banking and financial services sector.
• Development of requisite knowledge and attitudes, and application of skills aimed at enhancing the efficiency of operations in the sector.

The above structure is practice driven and will include an emphasis on case studies and problem-solving that simulate the work environment. Projects involve research on issues encountered as part of real life problems and daily activities in the sector. Practitioners in the field will facilitate the courses in this program.

The program targets the following categories of persons:
• Those who are interested in starting a career in the banking and financial services sector or who wish to obtain a strong academic background in finance.
• For young professionals who are in the early phase of their careers and wish to enhance their knowledge on investment analysts, portfolio managers, loans officers, underwriters and other loan servicing, banking and financial institution.