Associate Program in Justice

Justice Two-Year Degree Program

Law that targets solving all problems that penetrated in all enviroments of public, needs qualified and professional staff who will work for rapid and healthy service of justice. The training of qualified staff who knows basics of law science, is significant for supply of  increasing demand in private and public industry. A law and justice scheme that is established by staff who have high level knowledge and ability to solve problems, will provide easier solutions for problems about law, and will have contribution in constitution of justice. In this context, Istanbul Bilgi University Justice program will train professionals who has theoritical basics and knows to apply them in real life and will provide fair delivery of justice and law in our country.

Program Specifications

•In addition to basic courses in different law and justice areas, students of  Justice program will have applicable courses that are directed to real-time practices, that will prepare them for proffessional life.

•In the coverage of justice program, in addition to public law, private law, civil procedure law, criminal law, dactylography, accounting, business management, will be appliedIn addition, courses that are located in National Judiciary Informatics System(UYAP), will be compulsory. 

•By one year length English preparetion course, students of Vocational School of Justice will have chance to follow the courses that focuses to enpower their abilities in usage of English in their professional life.

•Students will have chance to enroll some courses that are opened in the coverage of Law Faculty, and can work in some projects and can join periodical conferences.

Structure of Course Program

Students` different needs have taken into account in the foundation of Justice program. First of all, we gave importance to make our graduates have enough specifications to work for and adapt both public and private industry. By the way, some students` wish to go on 4 year programs taken into account and a suitable course schedule has been establighed to make this easier. Finally, in the context of providing students the opportunity to use all possibilities in our school, elective courses have also added to the schedule. Consequently, program is established by three main parts: Law courses, vocational courses and electives.

In Law courses, students will meet basic discussions, information and applications about law, that they can face, during performing their job. Courses like public law, private law, civil procedure law, criminal law have been added to program, in this context.

Vocational courses provide backround for our students to improve their professions in public and private industry. Law office management, Information Technologies, Advanced English, Accounting and UYAP are courses for this concept.

Finally, students will have chance to register elective courses between the variety of elective courses of Bilgi University. Thus, students can take electives from law, foreign languages, business, social sciences, management sciences, and be able to take courses from other departments.