Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies

The essence of Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies is to operate ang manage motor vehicles, maritime and aircraft transport systems and their equipment. In the past decades many new concepts and systems have been developed in this sector. Due to strong public pressure for more efficient and safer transport and in order to improve the competitive position of Turkey marine, dredging and transport sector, it can be expected that this trend will continue at increased speed.

New generation transport and marine systems have to be based on new concepts, using distributed intelligence, combined with the application of smart components. This requires the further development of the knowledge of the dynamics and the physical processes involved in transport, aircraft and marine systems, the logistics of the systems and the interaction between the equipment and control systems.

Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies offers two associate degree programs:"Maritime Transportation and Management", "Aircraft Technology".

The department consists of innovative, internationally experienced young and dynamic experts in their fields of study. Our academic staff has a respected position in both national and international academic arenas and they have been contributing to this area with their studies including theoretical and management implications.


Ali Haydar Güneş,