The "UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy" is established in BİLGİ.

revised: 16.01.2018

The application of İstanbul Bilgi University for the establishment of a “Chair of Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy” under the framework of the UNESCO Chairs/UNITWIN Networks Programme, which promotes the establishment of networks between UNESCO chairs and universities within the higher education institutions, has been accepted in December 2017. The Chair will conduct its work within the body of BİLGİ Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY).

The main objective of the UNESCO Chairs / UNITWIN Networks Programme is to increase the capacity of education and research in higher education institutions, through knowledge sharing. In this respect, it’s essential for UNESCO to carry out Chair studies in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, foundations, public and private sector institutions. The Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy in İstanbul Bilgi University also aims to cooperate with all related stakeholders in their projects.