ico-D Lifelong Learning Workshops: Competences, Credentials, Actions

revised: 14.07.2016

Date: October 22-23, 2016

As part of the calendar for the Istanbul Design Biennale, the first in a series of ico-D Lifelong Learning Workshops: Competences, Credentials, Actions: Blueprints for Designers’ Lifelong Learning will be hosted by İstanbul Bilgi University.

This workshop invites participation from professionals from the fields of Social Sciences, Management, Urban-Planning, Design, Communications, Education, Economics, Engineering, etc. International and local experts will share their insights and visions in a program that emphasizes teamwork and plenum presentations/discussions, offering many opportunities for networking.

This workshop is developed and organised in association of İstanbul Bilgi University’s Faculty of Communication and Visual Communication Design Program with International Council of Design and IIDj, the Institute for Information Design Japan. With the participation of experts from the ico-D Board, including President David Grossman, the workshop will be co-curated by ico-D Vice President Cihangir Istek (İstanbul Bilgi University) and Andreas Schneider (IIDj and guest Faculty of İstanbul Bilgi University).

The workshop explores the three tracks Competences, Credentials, and Actions as core keys for unlocking new vocational visions. Each of these tracks has subsets that help structure explorations, discussions, and presentations in a consistent format. Shuffling small teams across three sessions together with Expert-lectures should produce a large breadth of findings - leading to the Blueprints for Designers’ Lifelong Learning Manifesto/Agenda.

Session 1: Use-Cases
Session 2: Personal Blueprints
Session 3: Agenda

Workshop outcomes will contribute to proposals that will be submitted to the first World Design Summit in Montreal, 2017.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to 40.
Pre-registration: http://cca.istanbul-a-z.info