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About Department

The main objective of the Banking and Finance Department is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the financial sector by cultivating students with necessary theoretical/ practical knowledge and skills. For that purpose both it develops close contact with the sector to be able to follow its needs and it aims to develop its own innovative and analytical solutions to recurrent problems of the sector. The Department also endeavors to instill in students a commitment to ethical values and social responsibility.


The Department provides academic foundation and practical training for persons who are planning to work in banking and financial services sector. It also targets financial institution professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge to advance in their career. The Department is designed to prepare students for careers in corporate finance, financial consulting, commercial or investment banking, insurance, risk management, derivatives markets and related areas.


Banking and Finance Program is a four (4) years program. To graduate, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 240 credits distributed approximately equally over the four years period. Language of instruction of the program is English. In addition to the academic work of our qualified staff, the participation of experienced managers from the business world to the lectures also enables the delivery of the current banking and financial issues to students. Academic education is supported by methods encouraging effective participation of students through case analysis, computer workshops, web-based guided studies, guided independent works and internships in financial institutions. 

Department Head
Sema Bayraktar Tür, Asst. Prof. Dr

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