Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

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About Department

The aim of the BİLGİ Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is to educate professionals who will be able to found, develop and maintain the necessary systems to directly influence the nutrition and health of individuals and the general public.

The department aims to provide graduates who are competent in the theory and concepts of nutrition; who are capable of putting into practice their knowledge in the fields of health, education and the workplace; who will ensure that a consciousness of the necessity for adequate and balanced nutrition in health maintenance and development along with the treatment of illness and disease is inculcated throughout in individuals and throughout the society.

Graduates in Nutrition and Dietetics can find employment in hospitals, health centers, geriatric centers, rehabilitation centers, centers for social activities, public health and workplace health centers, related departments in private schools and corporations, and organizations in the sector of wholesale nutrition. Graduates interested in an academic career can continue post-graduate education in universities at home and abroad.

Department Head
Emel Selma Özer, Prof.